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Our Patron Rob van Weelde, of Dutch nationality, started to play cricket at the age of five. Thirteen years later he made his debut for the Dutch team and remained a national team player for the next 15 years, until his retirement after the ICC final at Lords against Zimbabwe in 1986. Once described by the prestigious former Sunday Times cricket correspondent Robin Marlar as "Europe's quickest bowler", he played Test nations such as Pakistan, India, New Zealand and Sri Lanka all on more than one occasion. Apart from having had playing experience in South Africa, Sri Lanka and the West Indies, he participated in three ICC World Cup tournaments, the final one as captain.

Rob is also board member of the South African-Netherlands Chamber of Commerce "SANEC" and his links with South Africa are multifold: shipping, wine, tourism and of course the JKSF, which he joined shortly after it's inauguration.

"Cricket is the greatest character building sport around and I owe a lot to the game. Despite the "blood, sweat and tears" as a quick bowler for two decades, I hugely enjoyed my career. Not only for precious sports moments, sharing victories and accepting defeats, but it also taught me about understanding different cultures and developing cross border friendships, that also made me understand my native culture much better. It has broadened my view on many an aspect of life and I am proud that I am able to contribute to all what the Scholarships Foundation stands for".