Participating Schools

Maritzburg College has established itself as one of the leading South African Schools whose community manifests a strong sense of pride and belonging. We strive to help each pupil prepare for life so that he may develop his unique potential to the full and take his place as a responsible citizen and leader in an evolving South Africa. Maritzburg College seeks to achieve this by emphasising a balanced, comprehensive and dynamic education programme, an adherence to the best Christian values and traditions and the pursuit of excellence in all endeavours.

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Pretoria Boys High School is a traditional boys school situated on an 85 acre campus to the south-east of the city centre. With origins that can be traced back to 1901, it is one of the oldest schools in the province. Enrollment of around 1500 pupils makes it the largest boys' school in South Africa. The school prides itself on maintaining high standards and an ethos of a holistic education based on the pillars of a full academic, cultural and sporting programme. PBHS is a state school with additional funding provided through school fees payable by parents. Three boarding houses provide accommodation for over 300 pupils.

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The mission of Selborne College is to offer boys an excellent, well-rounded, holistic educational experience that will equip them to become confident, effective and caring adults. While our approach has Christianity as its basis, we strive to promote tolerance of other faiths and belief systems. Today, as Selborne College carries its standard proudly in the ranks of South Africa's eminent schools, it keeps its traditions at heart: the solemn Ceremony of the Key, instituted in 1924 at the unveiling of the War Memorial statue of the young soldier that stands in front of the school, still takes place on Founders' Day. This is when the boys reaffirm their recognition of the achievements and sacrifices of the past and of their responsibilities to the future.

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Wynberg Boys' High School has been providing an exceptional educational service to the communities of the Constantiaberg Valley for 170 years. We believe in boys and boys' schools: we understand boys and we focus on boys' needs, boys' learning, boys' sports-everything about boys.

Key features of our offering include:

Academic excellence with a special focus on the teaching of Maths through, among other things, exceptional teachers and the imaginative Pythagoras Project.

Sporting excellence, with professional coaching in all sports, but also guaranteed inter-schools participa-tion for all teams, not just the top sides.

Cultural excellence, with top bands, ensembles and choirs; traditional and experimental drama; championship-level chess; and a range of up to twenty other societies and clubs.

A focus on service to the community as the responsibility of every boy: house-building for the homeless, meals for the hungry, seasonal cheer for the unloved; and a service ethic underpinning activities like first aid, stage lighting, sports scoring or officiating, etc

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